Anne-Marie Donovan


Phaedra Echoes / Échos de Phèdre

Phaedra Echoes

Phaedra Echoes / Échos de Phèdre Research Group: Anne-Marie Donovan, Kim Jernigan, Sonya Malaborza, Isabella Stefanescu

To explore over 2000 years of Phaedra texts from Euripides to today, including works of visual art, music, poetry, literature and plays and to re-contextualize the myth of Phaedra through a contemporary, feminist lens.

Thank you: John Pennoyer (costume designer), Dr. Carolyn MacDonald

Thank you to the artists who helped develop these works: Margaret Bardos, Jennifer Cornish, Nada Homsi, Phoebe Hu, Mélanie Leblanc, Katharine Mills, Claire Normand, Angela Onuora, Paul Pulford, France Rolland, Darlene Spencer, Margaret Sweatman

Made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, ArtsNB, Inter Arts Matrix, Ontario Arts Council & Jamie Donovan

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Phaedra 101

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Les racines de la rage

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Dear Euripides...

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Maanomaa, My Brother

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Frankenstein's Ghosts

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The Last 15 Seconds

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Sounding Rituals


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Susannah menu


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The Consul

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Lord Sword

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Spring Awakening

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The Importance of Being Earnest

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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MyAudia, Return of the Pied People

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Ghost Tango

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An Experiment with an Air Pump

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Mahagonny Songspiel

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The Rocky Horror Show

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The Salome Dancer

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The Trojan Women

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Mounting Picasso

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Pierrot lunaire

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Blue Rider Ensemble

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Reaching for Nothing, Water's Thirst